90 Free Slab Serif Fonts

Lilac Block Serif Font

Lilac Block Serif Font is a creative and vibrant serif typeface with strong personality and wide choice of weights. It includes uppercase, lowercase, number, punctuation,

Nevada Bold Slab Serif Typeface-1

Nevada Bold Slab Serif Typeface

Introducing Nevada Slab Serif Typeface is a gorgeous and sophisticated bold slab typeface to make your design fresh and innovative. It includes uppercase, lowercase, number, punctuation, symbols,

Malcolm Classy Serif Font-1

Malcolm Classy Serif Font

Malcolm Classy Serif Font is an awesome font that can look austere and classic or vintage and softer and more pliable thanks to alternatives. They

Cruncho Elegant Serif Font-1

Cruncho Elegant Serif Font

Cruncho Elegant Serif Font is a strong and wide serif font with a bit of technology and scifi theme. It’s designed and shared by 7NTypes. It’s an

Rinnet Slab Serif Font

Rinnet Slab Serif Font

Rinnet Font is a modern, unique and elegant slab serif font with solid font files. it is based on the compact solid font, by combining a

Perky Area Slab Serif Font-1

Perky Area Slab Serif Font

Perky Area Font has a fun characters/glyphs set, perfectly managed with well spaced and kerning. The theme style of this font will be fun, comic,

Marrowish Slab Serif Font-1

Marrowish Slab Serif Font

Marrowish Font is a sophisticated & simple slab serif typeface. Works great for logos & titles on a large or small scale. Providing a professional

madero slab

Madero Slab Serif Font

Madero Slab Font is a new slab serif typeface with solid font files. it is based on the compact solid font, by combining a variety of

Leorio Serif Font-1

Leorio Serif Font

Introducing Leorio Serif Font is a classic mechanical typewriter font. It is an ode to the invention that shaped reading habits and the idea of legibility, the

Bookman Slab Serif Font-1

Bookman Slab Serif Font

Bookman Slab Serif Font is a bold ligature slab serif typeface. A contrast display typeface. Multilingual support, with uppercase, lowercase, numbers and punctuation. It’s designed and shared


New Telegraph Slab Serif Font

The basic feature of this New Telegraph Slab Serif Font family is that the relative lengths of the feet are designed differently. It is a versatile slab serif font


Baxley Slab Serif Font

Baxley Slab Serif is vibrant and strong in all of its seven weights, and features true italics and multilingual language support. Baxley would perfect for

XCharter Serif Font Family-1

XCharter Serif Font Family

XCharter Font is a modern and innovative round slab serif typeface that will make your design fresh and unique. It includes uppercase, lowercase, number, punctuation, symbols,


Libre Clarendon Slab Serif Font Family

Libre Clarendon Font is a creative, versatile slab serif font family comes in a pack of many unique weights. Libre Clarendon includes uppercase, lowercase, punctuation and every standard


Kane Slab Serif Font

Kane Font is a geometric slab serif which made with a mono-line concept and versatile style. Inspired by old western and magazine designs. Kane has a straight and


Pettingill Slab Serif Font

Pettingill has a strong personality and it is an ideal face for headings and branding design. Quirky but versatile, Pettingill can appear anywhere from formal and elegant

Counte Font-1

Counte Slab Serif Font

This is our first experience of creating serif fonts. It resulted in a modern slab serif family designed with symmetrical bracketed serifs for uprights and


PIZZARIA Slab Serif Font

PIZZARIA Font is a modern slab serif font whose design refers us to the style of casual slab serif. The distinctive features of PIZZARIA Font are the relatively

Trada Serif Font-1

Trada Serif Font

TradaSerif is a new addition to the Trada family. Crisp and clear in appearance, it preserves the same formal spirit and the principal structural elements


Zilla Slab Serif Font Family

Zilla Slab is Mozilla’s core typeface, used for the Mozilla wordmark, headlines and throughout their designs. A contemporary slab serif, based on Typotheque’s Tesla, it


Empirez Slab Serif Font Family

Empirez Font is a modern Slab Serif Font design to provide a modern appearance with a retro style, This font was created with usability and clarity